Dave East drops a brand new quick project that plays through pretty well. They always say “leave them wanting more” and that is what this project does. On the mic, Dave is very focused with a great flow. He has some above average beats and some subject matter that is great on this project. The first track that sets the tone is “Unbelievable” featuring the legendary Method Man. Both MCs rip the mic over a really great beat and it really does give you a sense of how Dave East is going into the halls of New York royalty. “After Taxes” is another great concept for a song. This is one that is not really touched by a lot of MCs out there. It talks about how taxes are unfair and truthfully, there really aren’t enough people talking about this. Dave East does a great job with this project and really shows us what it should be like to be a New York MC in 2022.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#daveeast #defjam #defjamrecords #harlem #hdigh #howdidigethere


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