After all the hype and all the build-up for this album, it finally arrived and God, is it awful. Kanye should be embarrassed of himself on this project. This is truly a terrible record. I was SO hyped waiting all night and checking to see if the album dropped yet. When it finally dropped that Friday morning and I gave it a listen, it was probably one of the biggest let downs for an album I’ve ever experienced. Kanye West, when he makes solo projects, no longer makes music for the culture. He makes music for himself and his yes-men. I think he was trying to push the culture forward and push the envelope creatively, but it just came out horrible. He must have some kind of inner circle that told him that this was gonna be a hot album. Well, for real rap fans that are out here everyday in this culture, this was the rap version of 9/11. Just a horrible, somber day that we all wish never happened. I know Kanye has it in him to create good music because he just created the classic Pusha T album Daytona. He must have gave Pusha all of his good records because he clearly didn’t save any for himself. It’s disgusting how bad this album really stinks. The only reason I am giving this album any score at all is because I believe, somewhere deep down inside Kanye somewhere, is the ability to make good music. He clearly pushed all of that talent deep inside himself and instead put on display the clown show which is his life recently. The beats on here were terrible. The rhymes were pretty bad overall. I was happy to see Ty Dolla Sign on the project, but not even he could save the song he was on. If I was one of the fans that was flown out to Wyoming to the mountains to hear this garbage, I would wish that the Back To The Future Delorean was real so that I could go back to a time when this poison of an album had never hit my ears. What a wasted trip that must have been. What a waste of time this album is. Kanye, seriously man, get the help you need from professionals that are outside your circle. You live in a circus and it is eating away at your brain. I know you have the talent in there somewhere. Stop suppressing it and let that natural talent come back out again. Make music for the culture now, not for where you wanna push the culture to. And I swear to God, if you ever put out some garbage like this again, I will 100% cancel and mute your music forever moving forward.

OVERALL RATING: 0.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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Kanye West - Ye



Here is another decent release from Benny The Butcher. He comes through slicing up the competition on the mob-themed A Friend Of Ours project. Lyrically he is cutting up anyone who comes in the way with his raw and gritty, real life, street lyrics. He paints a picture so vivid, but also just different enough to make himself stand out from other rappers. The beats are solid on here as well. Nothing too over the top, but nothing really forgettable either. I would have liked to hear more of the Daringer sound on here, but at the same time, they may be cooking up something for a later time. The highlight on this project for me was the first track, “Mob Ties.” The hook is just slamming and Benny hits us with hard mafia and drug bars to set the precedent for the whole album. If you are a Griselda Records fan, you definitely gotta peep this latest installment of their saga.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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Benny - A Friend Of Ours


What happens when you get an incredible lyricist to team up with a fantastic producer who both have very long, consistently good track records? You get this EP right here. The Roots frontman and master lyricist Black Thought teams up with the soulful beat controller 9th Wonder to create an amazing project. The lyrics are A-1 level here on this tape. There is no doubt at all about that. Black Thought delivers mind-bending rhymes at a relentless pace while dropping knowledge and jewels in there as well. 9th Wonder creates a musical backdrop that is very befitting to his style. This project is only 5 tracks so it definitely leaves you wanting more. The highlight for me is probably the track “Dostoyevsky” featuring Rapsody. Both MCs deliver amazing bars over a perfectly crafted beat. This one is definitely the banger on here. Although I would have liked to see more songs, what they did give us was very good and good for the culture as well. Will we ever get a full length album from these two? I guess time will tell.

OVERALL RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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Black Thought & 9th Wonder


What a strong release from Currensy! He has sort of fallen into the pattern of putting out pretty average material. He has found his lane and he is consistent at it. Linking up with Harry Fraud has proven to be a really good move for Spitta. This is one of those situations where the whole is better than the sum of its parts. Currensy’s flow on this album is really strong. He still has his drawl as normal, which makes him sound like himself, but his flow is just a little bit more focused as he rides the beats on this EP. Harry Fraud definitely proves himself as well as he crafts some great sounding beats. The whole project has the feel that you are viewing the drop off point on the beach with binoculars when the speed boat comes roaring up the coast and drops off the latest illegal shipment under the shroud of darkness and undetected by the coast guard. The highlights for me were “14 Packs” featuring Smoke DZA and “The Count” featuring Wiz Khalifa. Both of these beats are amazing and the featured MCs just add to what Currensy is spitting. This is a fantastic project and Currensy and Harry Fraud should definitely be proud of themselves for delivering this package.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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Currensy - The Marina EP


Nick Grant is a new MC that has the potential to be absolutely amazing. His level of lyrical skill is amazing especially for this newer class coming up in the game. His bars are complex and his cadence can be amazing at times. He almost reminds me of a younger Andre 3000 when he was coming up. The production on this album was awesome at times as well. There were really strongly produced songs with amazing samples and hard drums. The only songs I could have done without were probably “The Switch Up” and “Bleu Cheese.” On these tracks, he tries to do that newer trap/mumble rap flow and it just sounds awful. It’s like taking a great MC and dumbing him down when he is capable of so much more. The standout songs to me are “Nicky Bomaye” and “Save The Trillden.” Both of these songs have amazing samples and such hard hitting drums. These are just an amazing display of talent. This is definitely a dude that could create a classic. Stay away from sounding like these other new cats and just showcase your greatness Nick Grant.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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Nick Grant - Dreamin Out Loud


This album was just a tad under average for me. I still have the original Outsidaz Night Life CD when they released it back in the day so I have known about them for a long time. Pacewon isn’t a bad MC, but I don’t think he did too good of a job on this one. His bars can be simplistic at times. He did have a few lines where he was really snapping, but there were a few other times where they were borderline cringe-worthy. I was under-impressed with the beats as well. At times, they were a tad too simplistic as well. This one just wasn’t up to the standard that I had thought of when I heard the Outsidaz.

OVERALL RATING: 2 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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Pacewon - The Pacewon Affect


This is the first time I am doing this in 2 years and it has to be done with this release. This is a PERFECT album. There is no question about it. The only debate that anyone could really put up is that it wasn’t long enough at only 7 tracks. Pusha T delivers luxurious and complex drug raps. He’s perfect on his delivery and with his bars. Every track is just fire. His voice is amazing. His cadence is amazing. His bars are impeccable. There are 2 guest features on here. Rick Ross lends a hand on “Hard Piano” and Kanye spits on “What Would Meek Do.” Pusha T takes some shots at Drake and Cash Money on the track “Infared” which further shows that he can go bar for bar with anybody. Kanye West produced all 7 tracks and every beat is just fire. The samples he picked are amazing. The drums and basslines are insane. This is perfection personified. Even the cover art for the album depicting Whitney Houston’s drug filled bathroom sink is an amazing idea for this project. This is what hip hop music is supposed to sound like. Pusha T and Kanye should be commended for their contribution to the culture. I simply cannot stop listening to this album from front to back. I love every track, but my favorite has got to be “Come Back Baby.” It is just simply amazing what these 2 talents did with this project. I definitely hope there is more to come from Pusha and Kanye.

OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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Pusha T - Daytona