Agallah has been around a long time and still continues to put out pretty quality material. While this project was by no means classic, it was a decent listen. Agallah is not the most technical rapper ever, but he does get a lot of points for his voice and his intensity. I don’t think he is really saying anything rewind-worthy, but you will definitely be feeling his delivery. The beats on this album are pretty decent. He has a whole theme of some samurai, ancient Japanese monastery type sound and it comes off pretty well. One crazy thing to point out on this record is that there are 2 skits, one being 2 seconds and one being 3 seconds long, that I found to be almost pointless. A 2 second skit? What is the point? Is someone going to have that on repeat? It was just the shortest skits I have ever heard in my life. That little fact aside, this was a decent project. It’s definitely different than a lot of the garbage that floods the airwaves today.

OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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Agallah - The White Lotus



The Philly native and veteran MC is finally back with a super dope release. The game needs Journalist so bad it isn’t funny. His lyrics and flow are top notch and the unfortunate thing is that not enough people know that fact. Most people probably remember him from popping up circa the year 2000 with Canibus on various songs and freestyles. While y’all have been sleeping on Philly, Journ has been cooking up ever since then. He is back with a quick project called Post Season. He is killing other rappers with his lyrics. The flow and the rhyme schemes are enough to cause anxiety attacks in not-so-skilled MCs. The beats on this album are pretty dope as well. With beats from Tracknique and Just Simply Musick, the sound of this album is just phenomenal. It has a hard but soulful sound which sort of describes how Philly is in general. The standout track has to be P.D.A. (Pardon Da Arrogance). This is how Journ sounds best over a hod-nodding beat and just slaying the microphone. This was a fantastic project and I definitely look forward to seeing more of Journalist and also to his catalog being more easily and widely available. When your music is quality like his is, it needs to be heard and recognized by the masses.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks (extra whiz)

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Journalist - Postseason


After Currensy’s relentless tear of new music last year, he took a little bit of a break. So in today’s time, 2 and a half months or so was a long time (not really). Currensy drops off a quick collection of some new music called The Spring Collection. This was pretty average for Currensy. You get his usual laid back, lazy flow which works for him and for the listener. The beats are nothing out-of-this-world. There’s really not a stand out track on here either. This is basically just Currensy shooting for par. There’s nothing really bad to say about the project and nothing really fantastic to say. If you are a Currensy fan, you will probably enjoy this, but if you are just a casual fan, you don’t really have to peep this one.

OVERALL RATING: 2.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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Currensy - The Spring Collection


Stalley drops a second installment of straight garbage on us for some reason again. Dude just cannot get it right. The worst part is that I know he has it in him to make quality music, but he insists on trying to sound like everyone else. This is textbook selling out. The rhymes on here are not up to his normal caliber. The beats on here sound too much like everything else out in the industry today. There is literally no redeeming value on this project. Hopefully this is the last of this series and he gets back in the lab and really attempts to try something original.

OVERALL RATING: 0.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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Stalley - Tell The Truth Shame The Devil 2


D.I.T.C. member O.C. drops off a new record called “A New Dawn.” This album was overall a lot more chill than I was hoping for. O.C. has always been lyrically sharp and that is no question. He is able to deliver the same caliber of rhymes on here that he has always been known for. The beats though were a little too laid back for my liking. There were a few joints that were a little more up tempo, but overall, the record seems to be sitting more than it is standing. There are 3 tracks that sort of stand out more than the others. These would be “Powerful,” “Interlude,” and “Ethics (Who Are You).” These definitely get your head nodding a bit more than the more laid back tracks. All in all, I think that this was a little bit more of a lazy attempt of an album that could have been pretty dope. Again, this is O.C.’s lyrics aside. D.I.T.C. fans will definitely appreciate this though.

OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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OC - A New Dawn


This was a project that sort of confused me. To be honest, I wasn’t too familiar with the Arsonists work prior to hearing this album. I honestly thought it would have been better than it was. Lyrically, I think there is some level of skill in the group. I mean Q-Unique is part of the group so it should be. I think the problem possibly lies with the flow or maybe the put-on voices from some of the members. It just doesn’t really fall well onto the ear. The beats are pretty decent. I think they almost have more of an old school hip-hop feel to them mixed with some masterful scratching. The highlight for me and standout track is “Fat Laces,” It has an awesome singing vocal sample and drums and the members of the Arsonists seem to ride this beat a lot better. I don’t really think that this was a bad record. It’s possible that it just wasn’t really meant for me.

OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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Arsonists - Lost In The Fire


The former Death Row Records veteran is back with a huge new album. This project clocks in at 30 tracks which is enormous for an album. Might as well have made it a double disc. Nonetheless, this project is pretty slamming. It definitely has that nice West Coast vibe to it with a touch of some quality radio friendly beats scattered throughout. Production-wise, this seems to be very finely crafted. I think they were definitely going for a wider audience by putting some single-quality material on here. “No One Does It Better,” “That’s My Baby,” and “Curious” are probably the 3 standout tracks on this project. They definitely sound like they would be the singles of the week. Lyrically Daz isn’t too crazy on here, but fills the tracks nicely with his verses. He definitely knows what he is doing when trying to craft a song and bring back some of that West Coast G-funk sound and he definitely lays his verses well onto the backdrops of these beats. If you are a fan of classic Death Row stuff and G-Funk West Coast music, then this is definitely the album for you to check out.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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Daz Dillenger - Dazamataz