Drizzy returns with his 5th studio album and this one is pure brilliance. Everyone was waiting for this one to see if Drake would reply to Pusha T and also address some of the swirling rumors surrounding himself, his family, and his career. Drake DEFINITELY took the L from Pusha T, but I think he still was able to roll out his album release gracefully. After basically conceding to King Push, Drake drops a double album for us for the summer. This album has 2 sides, a rap side and a singing side and both are fantastic. Of course you have the singles “God’s Plan” and “Nice For What” which are both flawless in their own right. The intro “Survival” is Drake’s chance to set the bar for the album and also address some of the current issues he is dealing with. “Nonstop” is a dope track where Drake switches up his usual flow to show you his versatility. On “Talk Up,” he enlists the assistance of the God MC Jay-Z and we get yet another classic verse from Hova. The crowning achievement on the rap side is easily “Sandra’s Rose” produced by DJ Premier. This is Drake at his finest over a flawless beat with flawless, top level rhymes. This might possibly be his best song ever. On the singing side, he flips is and shows us why he is great in that lane as well. Some great songs include “Jaded” and “Don’t Matter To Me” which has a Michael Jackson feature on it. Only the best of the best could enlist help from the posthumous king of pop. The best song on this side to me is “Ratchet Happy Birthday” which has a dope track and Drake sings over top of it effortlessly. This could possibly be his best album ever. If it is not his number 1, then it might be a close second. This will be your soundtrack to the summer of 2018.

OVERALL RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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(070418) Drake, "Scorpion"



DJ Skizz offers a quick, but quality compilation here with some really talented MCs. You will get fantastic verses from Ty Farris, Planet Asia, Crimeapple, Westside Gunn, Conway, Vinnie Paz, and many more. You can really tell by the lineup that he was looking to assemble some underground talented MCs for this project. The beats are pretty dope as well. I’d probably say the standout tracks are “Dead Wrong” and “High-Powered.” Both beats are so dope and just packed with hardcore and quality bars. The hooks on these songs definitely set them off as well. The production all around is pretty dope but these last 2 songs are the highlights. If you like dope hip-hop music, you will want to check this project out.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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DJ Skizz - High-Powered


The Don Bishop Agallah is back with another great album under a new pseudonym, Ag Al Ghul. On this one, he is a monster that is out to eat you rappers up for dinner. His rhymes are dope and his flow is unwavering. I wouldn’t quite put him on the top tier of MCs but he is definitely consistent on a decent level. The production on this album is dope all the way around. There are a lot of dark and sinister tracks to savor on here. “The Risk” and “A Slug For You,” which features Vinnie Paz, are 2 eerie yet slamming beats for the MCs to devour. The highlight for me was “The Wrong Turn” which has a fantastic soul sample over some dope high hat drums. All in all, this is a great attempt here and it really paid off for Agallah.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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Agallah - No Mercy For The Weak


A West Coast veteran comes out of the woodworks to drop a new album and this is a pretty robust album. Dru Down gives us a 19 track offering of some Bay area gangster sounds. This album is probably way too long for today’s short attention spans out there. It’s not really a bad album though. I definitely don’t think it is up my alley, but it’s not a bad listen. Dru Down was never really known as a lyrical wizard so you aren’t going to get anything too heavy on the lyric side of things. The beats definitely have that Bay Area/West Coast sound to it. While there’s really nothing classic that you are gonna hear on here, there’s really nothing that is offensive to the ears either. You get a consistent  backdrop to the whole album. If you are down with that whole Bay Area sound, this album will be one that you want to check out. It just really wasn’t for me.

OVERALL RATING: 2.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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Dru Down - GP No PC Lockup


This was an absolute garbage album from front to back. There was not one ounce of a redeeming quality on this monstrosity. This was like if you picked up a piece of trash from the garbage and turned it into a some kind of crappy folk song sung by Creedence Clearwater Revival meets horrible attempts at rap music. I know Dice Raw is a Philly native and down with the Roots crew so I know his place in rap history, but this is just a terrible offering. I couldn’t even find one song worth listening to on this enormous 29 track piece of crap. There were tons of worthless skits. Every song is basically the same. I get the need for social justice, but it gets tiring hearing the same songs over and over again on some kill whitey stuff. Do yourself a favor and erase this album out of anything you may have it stored on. Let’s forget this one ever happened.

OVERALL RATING: 0 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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Dice Raw - The Narrative


It’s time to get surgical with it yet again with the 4th installment of the Steal This Mixtape series. Napoleon Da Legend is back with another absolutely slamming project. The consistency is oozing out of this project. Lyrically he is so on point, it is not even funny. The level of skill that this dude possesses is uncanny. I can’t stress enough how much that this MC doesn’t miss when it comes to hitting the lyrical target. He’s given us another project of highly concentrated songs. He has a very deep and complete look at a variety of different topics from love to social justice to even just spitting supreme bars. There is a mixture of pre-established beats that he rhymes over and some new material as well. He does a fantastic job spitting bars over Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit C” and also on Jodeci’s remix for “Freek’n You.” The song “Questions” is great because he poses the question about if we would ask some of the greats throughout history some of the same questions we ask celebrities today. This is a very deep record that really shows where Napoleon is at. Fantastic job. On “Biopic,” he poses the questions to the audience about who they would cast to direct and star in a movie about their lives. Another really creative concept for a song. The far and away best track on here has to be “Rap Pays.” This beat is neck snapping and he just does the best job of spitting over it. This song is complete fire from beginning to end. There really isn’t much wrong that this MC can do and if you don’t know about him, you are doing yourself a horrible disservice. Cop this joint immediately!

OVERALL RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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Napoleon Da Legend - Steal This Mixtape 4


Uncle Vin and Stoupe are back again with another offering of some new Jedi Mind Tricks material. This one is a tough one to dissect. This is not their best album ever and it is not their worst one either. There are strengths and weaknesses on here. On one hand, it is very good to hear a new JMT project. It always seems like we wait so long in between them, but that is because we are usually graced with good product. Overall lyrically, Vinnie is decent. As you listen through the whole album, it sounds like Vinnie is getting tired. There are sometimes I was thinking that he is kind of repeating the same themes over and over again in his bars. There were some strong points though as well. On the production side, I think Stoupe does a great job. He still is able to capture that mysterious JMT sound all these years later. Some of the hooks might be a little questionable, but a little weirdness is good sometimes. Some really strong songs include “San La Muerte,” “Freshco & Miz,” “God Forsaken,” & “What She Left Behind.” That last track examines domestic violence in a very real way. The best track on the album is probably the masterpiece “Marciano’s Reign” which is basically instructions for life that sounds like Vinnie is giving his son. The beat is fantastic and Vinnie really laces the lyrics perfectly for it. The song that I disliked the most is “Making A Killing.” This song examines hurting animals and the food industry. To me, it sounds like some hippie rhetoric and I didn’t really expect it to come from Vinnie. This song really caught me off guard. I’m not saying I disagree with what he is saying, I just didn’t expect to hear it from him. So this is a mixed bag of an album. You will have to give it a listen and see what you think over the final product.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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Jedi Mind Tricks - The Bridge & The Abyss