Benny returns with the highly anticipated Tana Talk 4 and he delivers a pretty solid project. Benny is definitely very focused and is able to spit amazing bars about drug dealing. This is definitely the soundtrack you would be playing going to pick up packs from the connect. He’s got features on here from Westside Gunn, Conway. Puffy, J Cole, and more. The beats on here are grimy as well incorporating that classic Griselda sound from the likes of Daringer and Alchemist. I think the most popular song is probably the single “Johnny P’s Caddy” featuring J Cole. “10 More Commandments” is another notable song featuring Puffy which is almost a continuation of sorts from Biggie’s classic track. All in all, this record is solid and definitely gives you that classic Griselda sound. I don’t think it lives up to Tana Talk 3, but it is still a pretty dope listen.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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