Papoose drops off a brand new joint and this one is full of jewelry for y’all. The amount of knowledge that Papoose can pack into a project is astounding. His brain is basically a dictionary on steroids. As far as the rhymes go on this project, you will just have to see for yourself to see how crazy this man can get. He’s top tier MC all day. The beats on this project are a mixed bag. You get some beats that slam and others that are more laid back and introspective. “Kickback” features French Montana and Conway and flips LL Cool J’s “I Shot Ya” beat. One of the lyrical highlights of this project is “The Human Body (The Brain).” He expertly breaks down the makeup of the human brain like a hip hop doctor on top of his game. It really is remarkable what Papoose did on this track. On “Covid 19” he rhymes from the perspective of the novel coronavirus over a hard beat. On “Maturity” he breaks it down what it is like to be a grown man with a family. “Numerical Slaughter 2” was one of the tracks I didn’t really get down with. Pap is obviously capable of breaking down topics cleverly, but he didn’t really deliver like he should have on this gimmicky track. And finally, “Tribute” was an amazing and sad track. He alphabetically breaks down a lot of deaths due to social injustice. It’s an amazing and heartfelt track, but it’s just so sad and disgusting that he even was able to make this track due to other people’s racism. Overall, Papoose dropped another knowledge bomb for fans to comb through.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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