1000 WORDS & 38 SPESH – 1000 WORDS

1000 Words teams up with 38 Spesh on the production to give us this new album that is chock full of features. The self-titled album has some pretty decent bars provided by a lot of MCs overtop of some strong production from 38 Spesh. Although 1000 Words might not be the best MC ever, he definitely assembles a squad here to help him out. You get some decent features from a ton of underground artists like Flee Lord, Daniel Son, Che Noir, Crimeapple, Nems, Eto, and more. The beats on here were decent overall. I think it was at least a good offering from 38 Spesh as he has definitely proven himself on the boards. Not a bad start for 1000 Words and we will see where he goes from here.


OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#1000words #38spesh #iamspesh #trust #trustarmy


1000 Words & 38 Spesh - 1000 Words

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