Big Twins links up with Jae Hood to give us a pretty mediocre release. As far as the rhymes, there really isn’t much on here that is too rewind worthy. The strong point is probably the delivery from both MCs. Big Twins just has that heavy, menacing voice that sounds really dope and Jae Hood still comes with that same energy he had when he was freestyling with the LOX back in the day (which he mentions on every release). The beats selected on this project are pretty decent overall and maybe even slightly above average. Personally, I am partial to old soul samples that producers will use and there are a few instances of that on this project. Overall, this one seems more of like a thrown-together mixtape instead of a project that time was spent on. All in all, not a bad one though.


OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#bigtwins #bigtwinsqb #therottenapple #infamousmobb #queens #j-hood #jhood #jaehood #tharealjhood #4thlok #yonkers #infamousnthehood


Big Twins & Jae Hood - Infamous N The Hood

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