This was a pretty terrible album all around. I wouldn’t even really call this a Khujo project, but rather a collection of not-as-talented artists thrown together on a mess of an album. There are a ton of features on here and I’d say the vast majority of them are basically unknown. That is probably for a reason as you will hear. As far as the rhymes go, there isn’t anything salvageable at all on here. The beats are pretty much the same story. A lot of them are simplistic trap beats that don’t really do anything for the listener. Definitely don’t waste your time on this hunk of junk. Just chuck this one right out the window or better yet, feed it to the nearest lion because real rap fans aren’t going to like this one.


OVERALL RATING: 0 out of 5 Cheeseseaks


#khujo #khujogoodie #goodiemob #atlanta #feedthelionsvol1 #feedthelions #ftl


Khujo Goodie - Feed The Lions Vol. 1

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