Like a graduate from the school of Roc Marciano, Smoovth comes through with a new album that sounds a lot like Roc Marci, but in his own smooth way. He spits in much the same manner by trying to think of every word imaginable to finish off each bar, but at the same time, keeping it street and fly. This project is like a silver plate with the highest grade of those Peruvian lines all cut up for your enjoyment. The beats are pretty decent on here as well. Royalz did a good job of coming up with some great and eerie sample loops and some good drums to vibe to. This one is gonna be a little bit more for the seasoned veterans of rap and less for the casual fans. Nonetheless, you still want to peep this out for some fly shit.


OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks
#smoovth #smoovthcalhoun #royalz #chinawhite


Smoovth & Royalz - China White

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