Big Ghost LTD assembles a ton of underground MCs to catch wreck over some really hot beats. There are so many dope features from the likes of Rome Streetz, Recognize Ali, Estee Nack, Ty Farris, and more. The level of consistency by all MCs and on every track is pretty remarkable. Usually on an album there will be some low points here and there, but this album does not have that at all. The beats on here are especially notable as well. Big Ghost has always been dope on the boards and that definitely comes across as apparent on each and every one of these beats on here. You get some real slamming drums and some eerie samples to provide a really strong background for these MCs to do their thing. The cohesiveness and high level of effort both on the lyrical tip and on the production side is what cements this album as a great project. Check it out for a glimpse of what the up and coming underground scene has to offer.


OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#bigghostltd #carpenoctem


Big Ghost Ltd - Carpe Noctem

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