Nas and Hit-Boy bring us the third chapter of the King’s Disease series and this one is as solid of a record as I have ever heard. The main component of this project is consistency. As you move from song to song, you realize how great Nas is with the lyrics in 2022. It’s effortless for him to be great. He is able to tell stories and drop jewels now just as good as he ever did. Songs like “Once A Man, Twice A Child” emphasizes how much we should appreciate our youth, because we might be old and be “childlike” yet again as someone else takes care of us. It’s really a superbly written and introspective song. “First Time” is another great song which describes the joys of hearing a newly-discovered favorite artist for the first time. Hit-Boy does another great job with the beats on this album. It’s a very cohesive album where each song sounds great and they all sound like they fit together perfectly. The magic that Nas and Hit-Boy have together is uncanny. If anyone knows hip hop, you know that Nas is a staple and is here to stay forever. He is an icon living and continues to show us that in his latest chapter of life.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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Nas & Hit-Boy team up again for a damn-near masterpiece. These two work together wonderfully and this might be their best project yet. Nas is super on point with the rhymes. He flows effortlessly and sounds like he is young again. It really doesn’t take him much effort to pen some great rhymes for the times. The beats on here are amazing as well. There are only 9 tracks and 1 feature from ASAP Rocky. Every beat has hard hitting drums and is reminiscent of how rap sounded back in the 90s. This is a hard hitting album that also sounds current in this environment. Nas and Hit-Boy have a lot to be proud of and we definitely hope that we continue seeing them work together for a long time to come.

OVERALL RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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Nas drops the highly anticipated follow-up album King’s Disease 2. On the mic, Nas is as masterful as always. He is a veteran in the game and can pen lyrics that are very meaningful. He’s done so on so many past occasions. He is capable of creating lyrics that are visual and that mean something to the culture. He’s able to create “moments.” On this album, I don’t think he really created as many “moments” as we would have liked to see. When you listen back to “If I Ruled The World,” “Affirmative Action,” or “Nas Is Like,” those were moments in hip-hop history. You don’t really get those same moments with this newest album. That is not to say that it is not good. It’s a decent album. The production from Hit-Boy is decent and he gives us some slamming tracks. It’s just that the staying power may not be as good as past albums. This is one of those albums that you listen through a few times and then cast aside. The highlights on this album include “No Phony Love” featuring Charlie Wilson with it’s amazing track and smooth vocals. “Brunch On Sundays” is more of an adult contemporary track for grown adult hip-hop fans that explores an interesting setting. And of course “EPMD 2” is a decent track featuring the legendary EPMD and another verse absolutely slaughtered from Eminem. All in all, not a bad job by Nas and Hit-Boy. I would have liked to have seen more memories that would stick around in hip hop history from Nas though.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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The Queensbridge icon comes back with a quick and fantastic new album. This one was a much better follow-up than his album with Kanye West. Nas’ new album is packed with great beats and dope lyrics that shows a more mature, yet lyrically sharp Nas. His bars are amazing throughout. He sounds as fresh and as hungry as he ever was. Even though 2020 has been ruthless, it didn’t take over any of Nas’ talent. The beats on here are great as well. It is track after track of slamming production mostly offered from Hit-Boy. The highlight for me was the intro “King’s Disease.” This is a fantastic start to the album and Nas sounds smooth and focused over a soulful beat. As far as downsides to the album, a lot of the tracks are shorter than I wanted them to be. Nas could have let them run a bit longer or maybe throw another verse on them to stretch them out a bit. Another letdown was the track “Full Circle” featuring the original Firm lineup. Despite AZ killing it on his verse, I think the track lacked a bit of the nostalgic energy it should have had. Foxy definitely sounded older and tired on here. It just didn’t pack the punch as a song that it should have. All in all though, this wasn’t a bad album. Just a few tweaks and this could have shot straight to the moon. Fantastic job Nas.

OVERALL RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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Nas drops a very long-awaited follow-up to his Lost Tapes series with the second installment. This project is decent, but not memorable at all. Sure the beats are good. You have production from tons of the greats including Swizz Beatz, Kanye West, Pete Rock, Alchemist, and more. The rhymes are okay. Nas has always been a dope MC. But for whatever reason, there really isn’t much on this project that is memorable. You find yourself not really wanting to playback any of it. There are no slappers from DJ Premier on here. There’s nothing where Nas really just goes off and blacks out. It’s just a project that simply is what it is. While there’s nothing really bad on here, there’s nothing that is going to stick around either. This one simply just didn’t land very well.


OVERALL RATING: 2.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


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Nas - The Lost Tapes 2


A troubling thought that I have had over the last few years is wondering if the time of the veteran rappers is over. I grew up listening to all of the classic rappers from the late 80’s to the late 90’s. It just seemed like a treasure trove of dope, lyrical rappers at the time. I don’t think I realized how lucky we all were to have such great and talented artists. Then the late 90’s and 2000’s came along and I saw the trends moving more towards a southern style. It’s pretty much been that way since then too. The Atlanta mumble scene has pretty much taken over. At first I hated the likes of Cash Money Records and Ludacris and countless others. Over time, I have come to appreciate those acts more since I see the likes of newer artists coming out like Riff Raff, Lil Yachty, Tekashi 6ix9ine, The Migos, and others. Sometimes it just seems like it is getting worse and worse as far as the quality. We always could rely on the veteran rappers that we loved from the 90’s. They were still dropping projects the whole way through this transition and the seemed to stay true to their original fanbase. But, as of the last few years, it just seems that the vets aren’t holding their weight as they once did. As a broad generalization, (there’s always exceptions to the rule), it seems that the projects aren’t as good as earlier releases. The vets are getting up in years and perhaps losing their young spirit for the game. They have grown comfortable in their lives of abundance and no longer relate to the struggling majority. A lot of times, their music loses it’s edge and they don’t sound as sharp as they once did. One of the only MC’s that I have seen be truly consistent and truly great is Jay-Z. His last 2 albums 4:44 and Everything Is Love were both near flawless just as all his work has been. He hasn’t missed a step at all. Him aside, we’ve seen this troubling trend of albums flopping like Eminem’s Revival and I’d even argue that his Kamikaze album suffers from the same thing (although not quite to the same degree as Revival). We definitely didn’t get the same Eminem that we did in the past. He’s been slipping for quite some time. Look at artists like Nas and his catalog. Then you listen to his most current album Nasir, which Kanye West probably had a hand in butchering. I don’t think Nas really slipped too far back on the lyrical side of things, but the beats that were put together for that album were terrible for the most part. Even Kanye West’s latest album Ye was a complete mockery and not worthy of anyone’s attention. Gone are the glory days of albums like The College Dropout or Late Registration. The last time Kanye did a great solo album was My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. With other vets slipping like Noreaga’s 5E and Ice Cube’s Everythang’s Corrupt, I just see the pattern again and again of all of my hero’s becoming less than what they were as they grow older. It’s a sad thing and I truly hope it is not the end of their stories. Let’s all try harder to create quality content. Pour your heart and soul into everything you do. Tell stories and be vulnerable. Confide in your audience. By doing these things, we can all get better, relate to each other more easily, and create more quality content to be treasured for years to come instead of giving the next generation our disposable garbage.


Elderly Rappers


The Queensbridge king is back with his severely, long-awaited album. I was super leery about how this was going to turn out being under the direction of Kanye West. It turns out that was good to be worried about it. To be honest, this album didn’t come out as good as it should have. It’s not a bad album, but it’s not the greatness that we would expect from the veteran. Lyrically, I gotta say he is on point across the 7 track album. Nas hasn’t really ever slacked on the mic ever since Illmatic. The thing that brought this album down was sadly the production from Kanye. That just sounds like a crazy sentence to say, but it is the truth in this situation. A Nas album only being 7 tracks just doesn’t sound right. As I was listening, I was waiting to hear that slapper from Nas over a DJ Premier beat and it never came. That just isn’t right. Instead, I hear the whiny track “Everything” where Kanye butchers the hook. That was truly the worst song on here. The album does have highlights though. The first track “Not For Radio” is probably the best track on here. Nas reintroduces himself over a royal beat showing us why he is the best. Another great track is “Cops Shot The Kid” where Nas and Kanye both offer a verse about social injustice. The Slick Rick sample really sets that song off and both MCs do their thing on that song. This is not an album I would skip at all, but at the same time, be prepared to be let down.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


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Nas - Nasir