While Juelz Santana remains in prison, he and his camp reignite his status as one of hip-hop’s greatest shining stars and strongly skilled lyricists. The Diplomat veteran sort of fell off the scene for quite awhile. After some failed attempts at some subpar mixtapes and groups like the Skull Gang, I thought it was over for him. This new mixtape is a testament to his strength and to his dedication to represent not only himself, but also the Dipset camp. His bars are definitely reinvigorated on here. His rhyme schemes and flows are back to the way they were which made him great. He sounds like the old Juelz. There are songs where in does try to utilize the new style flow like “EZ Work” and it just fails miserably. At least the whole album wasn’t littered with that though. Keep that to a minimum. The production throughout is very good as he mixes new beats and classic beats to rhyme over. It definitely sounds like a true mixtape. The 2 songs that stand out the most are the beautifully crafted “23 & 1” in which he talks about his jail situation and the Harlem heavy “Pink Eagle” that features Dave East and Jim Jones. This song sounds straight out of the Diplomat catalog and sounds like everyone belongs on it. This is a really great sound for Juelz and I hope he continues to ride this wave moving forward. Everyone loves a great comeback.


OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


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Juelz Santana - #freesantana


The Dipset is finally back and they came back in a big way! This album only features the core members Cam’ron, Jim Jones, and Juelz Santana, but they did a pretty decent job overall on it. As far as bars, Jim Jones is noticeably fierce on here throughout. You can hear the ferocity and energy as he is spitting. He definitely stepped his game up for this one. Cam’ron has bars and sounds good, but sounds a little bit older on it. A little less energy is present when he is spitting. Juelz seems to have lost a step or two but overall, doesn’t do too bad on here. The beats was something I was was really concerned with. I was hoping to hear a complete revival of Heatmakerz beats and usher in a new renaissance in rap music, but I didn’t get that. That part of it was certainly a let down, but I think they managed to put together a newer, more updated sound though. You can definitely hear that they tried to dip their toe into the pool of the new sounding beats and flows. While it can be smart to do that sometimes and keep up with trends, I think it would have been better to sound more like the classics on this one. The best track on here is hands down “Dipset/LOX”  which obviously features the LOX. The beat is absolutely slamming and all rappers do their thing on this one. This is definitely the crown jewel on the project. It was also good to hear them end the project with a freestyle from Un Kasa. Although he sound a little dated in his voice, his energy is still there. All in all, this was a dope project and we are glad to have the set back in full force.


OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


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Diplomats - Diplomatic Ties


This was a bit of a different release out of the norm from what we normally do here, but a dope listen all around. This producer WalyO did a great thing and took some verses from the Diplomat camp and made some dope tracks for them to be laid over top of. It pretty much goes without saying that the Diplomat members can all spit. So lyrically, you pretty much have to give them all the credit they deserve for dope verses since we have already heard them before on previous releases. The beats on here were pretty dope overall. I think WalyO is definitely working with something here. I’d definitely like to hear more from him. It’s not quite what the Heatmakerz had done for the Diplomats, but it is a fresh and dope sound that serves this creation well.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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WalyO - Dipset We Still Bangin