Jarren Benton gives us 4 lost joints from the 2017 project The Mink Coat Killa LP. Lyrically, Jarren is snapping on this one. All 4 tracks he is definitely spitting on a high level for all the bar heads. On the original album he was like that too, so it’s no surprise that these lost songs would be the same caliber. The production is decent. He has some pretty good beats here with these. You can see why these songs might have been left off of the original album, but even still, they are pretty darn good. These definitely make some good bonus songs to accompany his classic album from 2017. We hope to see more material from Jarren Benton coming soon.


OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


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Jarren Benton - The Mink Coat Killa (The Lost 4)


What a disappoint this album was. Jarren Benton, who TRULY has some magnificent writing abilities, somehow put them aside and put out this piece of garbage. I was so hyped when I saw that this album was being released, but then upon hearing it, it was an incredible let down. Instead of rapping like a top tier lyricist, he instead chooses this whole new trap rapper flow and just desecrates the entire album with garbage flows. I might have heard a hint or 2 of some dope lyrics somewhere in there, but it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The beats weren’t much better either. I didn’t really hear anything memorable at all. It sounds like he was just trying to sell out to try to sound popular. I hope this is not the case as I know Jarren Benton can rap his ass off. He shined so much better on his previous project The Mink Coat Killa LP in 2017. Jarren, please do better next time.

OVERALL RATING: 0.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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Jarren Benton - Yuck Fou


This album was fantastic! Jarren Benton was a dude I had come to find out through his Funk Volume affiliation and on various singles released. Lyrically this dude is sharp as a knife. His flow and multi-syllabic rhyming is very good and it shows from track to track. Upon listening to the intro, you know that this dude will slice and dice most MCs up with his rhymes. The beats on this album are great too. He flips a lot of old Wu-Tang records and makes songs out of them that are just fantastic. It’s always a good combination when you get a skilled MC rhyming over classic beats. He does an updated version of “C.R.E.A.M.” that is pretty awesome as well. The best tracks on here are probably “The God Intro,” “C.R.E.A.M. ’17,” “The One,” and “Tears.” If you love banging, classic, well-produced beats and razor sharp rhymes, this is a must-hear project.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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Jarren Benton delivers a project here that is tough to decipher. It’s like all of the pieces have to be commented on separately. As far as his lyrical ability, he is fantastic. The dude can deliver bar after bar of mind-bending rhymes. He is very talented in that area. His voice is terrible. He almost sounds like he is crying on every song. As far as the beats, I don’t think they are that bad. There are some nicely produced songs on here. The song concepts are a little out there and might be hard to put a finger on some of them. I think there is a talent in this project somewhere but it is hard to get everything organized. I think there is potential here, but it is definitely not clearly visible at first.

OVERALL RATING: 2.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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