Fabolous took a step backwards with this release. He always has the rhymes, that is no question. It feels like throughout this one, he is dropping jewels here and there. It’s almost like he is giving some life lessons or preaching all throughout this record. The places where this project suffers are the production, the hooks, and song structure. The beats are pretty much the same as all the other trap garbage out there today. There was nothing new or interesting. Nothing that anyone can really bop to. Fabolous did this one before back in the early 2000s and seemed to sell out and this record seems like he is doing that again. He is trying to appeal to a younger audience by making their style of music. That trend is ending. The hooks sound like the same ol auto-tuned, whiny hooks that we always hear in every record out today. There is nothing really memorable that sticks out. Fab, you definitely didn’t do anyone any favors with this one. Let’s hope for more next time.


OVERALL RATING: 1.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


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Fabolous - Summertime Shootout 3


Two of the best to ever do it in hip hop team up for this collaboration which should have produced fantastic results. I don’t think this one went as planned though. Overall, it is not a bad album. First of all, the marketing was totally off. They should have released this at Halloween based on the theme of the album but they missed that mark by a month. Lyrically, I think both MCs are fantastic. They can both hold their weight on their own and also together so there is definitely not a problem in that department at all. The beats were lacking a little bit on this one. There were a few tracks that I definitely could have done without. I think that Jada and Fab both have tried to keep up with times and sound like these new rappers on some tracks throughout their careers instead of doing what they do best. So you have some of those trap beat sounding instances on this album. The songs “Stand Up” with Future and “All About It” with French Montana I could have definitely done without. Then you have the “F vs J Intro” to the album which Jada spits possibly the best verse he has ever spit over a super dope track that kind of makes up for it a little bit. I’ll give an honorable mention to the track “Soul Food” also. All in all, I think they did a decent job, but just the marketing was off and the sound was a little off too for what this was supposed to be.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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Fab and Trey drop off a fun and quick project here. This is nothing to get too hype over. Just a quick 6 tracks that you can tell was made rather fast. This is almost the type of project that you don’t even wanna rate because they don’t really give you a whole lot to go on. I’d say the best track on here is probably the revamp of “Useta This.” Seems to work perfectly for Fab and Trey. Fab does his thing and spits some good rhymes. They are certainly not as good as he is capable of doing but it makes for a good listen. Trey sings and it is good to hear something from him again. I’d say give this one a quick listen and welcome to 2017.

OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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I was definitely looking forward to this release from Fab but I gotta say that I was a little let down upon hearing it. Fab’s lyrics are definitely on point. I can’t really fault him ever for that. All you have to do is look at his Freestyle Friday series and all of his early albums and Soul Tape mixtape series. It’s hard to mess with the dude lyrically. He definitely brings it on this release but maybe not as hard as he could have. Overall, decent attempt though. The beats are average. I like some of the interesting choices he decided to flip for beats. My ears definitely perked up when I heard “I’m Goin Down” which samples Biggie’s “The What.” The other joint that was definitely good to hear was “For The Family” which samples Jay-Z’s “4 Da Fam.” Dave East does a great job on that one. Overall as a release, I think this is one of those instances where it looks better on paper than it does in execution. I’m definitely not mad at this release though. I think Fab could just focus a little bit better and put out a real classic.

OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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