One half of the Dogg Pound, Daz Dillinger teams up with an East Coast legend Capone to give us a brand new project. Having an East Coast veteran and a West Coast veteran together on one album might have you thinking that you would hear some different sounds on here. To be honest, this album really has more of a West Coast sound. It definitely has more of that Cali vibe to it musically. It almost sounds more like a Daz album with some features from Capone. Both MCs sound decent on the mic. I wouldn’t call it mind-blowing bars, but they handle their own. You will get features from Kurupt, Noreaga, havoc, Conway, Styles P, and many more. All in all, not a bad listen. They did a decent job with this one.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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Daz and Kurupt link up to give us a great new album. This one definitely has an old school feeling and makes us remember why we love the Dogg Pound so much. They really have an uncanny ability to create song after song and they play through very well. Daz and Kurupt sound as great as they ever have and sound great together as well. We need more of this out here. The production is really dope as well having a West Coast feel to it. A great standout track is “We Rollin” with it’s perfect California vibe and smooth lyrics. All in all, another great Dogg Pound project that you don’t want to miss!

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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First off, this is definitely not the record that I expected from these two MCs. I expected more of a West Coast mixed with a gritty Down South sound by mixing these two. That did not happen at all. They went for more of a radio-friendly sound with this project. Daz sounds a bit more soothing to the masses’ ear by trying to appeal to all. Gipp doesn’t even sound like he used to at all. He sounds like a completely different person. Nevertheless, this is the combination we received. The production here is very upbeat and jovial. A lot of the songs you can definitely tell they were trying to aim for the single. I don’t think they failed at all with this plan. All in all, it’s not really too bad of a record. It’s a bit jarring at first, but it has a smooth and upbeat sound that should get listeners in a better mood. A highlight would be “Burden” featuring Misha Fair and it is probably because they reworked the Goapele sample of “Closer.” Another decent track is “What U Waitin 4” featuring Shawty Redd. This one definitely had a nice upbeat sound and a decent hook. All in all, not a bad job by the both of them, but this was probably not the combination that people were looking for.


OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


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Daz Dillinger & Big Gipp - A.T.L.A.


The Dogg Pound OG hits us on 4/20 with a new project called “Smoke Me Out.” This one is a decent effort from Daz. Following right on the heels of the Dazamataz album, which was a great body of work, he drops off this latest album. To be honest, this one doesn’t quite live up to the standards of previous works. I think lyrically, you shouldn’t really expect a ton from Daz. He was never really known for being a lyrical mastermind so you shouldn’t really come to expect that from him. He does a decent job on the mic on this new one though. He has a ton of features on here and to keep it real, a lot of them are just trash. I’d say the only decent features are probably from 8Ball, Killah Priest, and Billy Danze from M.O.P. Other than that, don’t even check for the no name MCs. The beats on here are decent. There is definitely a West Coast vibe and that is appreciated. There are some tracks that really are just sub-par though. I’d say the highlight is probably “My 9 Goes Pow.” This is a banging beat that Daz flows over perfectly. It just sounds great all around. If you love West Coast artists, this is one for you. If you aren’t really into that, I’d be a little leery of this project.

OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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Daz - Smoke Me Out


The former Death Row Records veteran is back with a huge new album. This project clocks in at 30 tracks which is enormous for an album. Might as well have made it a double disc. Nonetheless, this project is pretty slamming. It definitely has that nice West Coast vibe to it with a touch of some quality radio friendly beats scattered throughout. Production-wise, this seems to be very finely crafted. I think they were definitely going for a wider audience by putting some single-quality material on here. “No One Does It Better,” “That’s My Baby,” and “Curious” are probably the 3 standout tracks on this project. They definitely sound like they would be the singles of the week. Lyrically Daz isn’t too crazy on here, but fills the tracks nicely with his verses. He definitely knows what he is doing when trying to craft a song and bring back some of that West Coast G-funk sound and he definitely lays his verses well onto the backdrops of these beats. If you are a fan of classic Death Row stuff and G-Funk West Coast music, then this is definitely the album for you to check out.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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Daz Dillenger - Dazamataz