CJ is a new rapper releasing his debut album Loyalty Over Royalty. On the mic, CJ isn’t very good with the bars. There’s no way this dude can freestyle with real rappers. This is basically just another new age gimmick rapper addicted to clout and attention with no real talent. Now, the positive things I can say about this kid: I do like the energy he brings. That is a definite way to possibly ensure some extra time in this limelight that he has right now. Some of the beats on this album aren’t too bad. The track “Set” has a decent beat and the definite highlight is the single “Whoopty.” These are definitely addictive beats which explains why they have so many views on YouTube, especially “Whoopty.” Another downside is that every song is maybe 2 minutes at most. We need more from our rappers nowadays. You can’t just spit gibberish for a minute and expect to become anything. All in all, this young boy has some pros and cons. Let’s just hope that he pays more attention to the pros and let go of the cons.

OVERALL RATING: 2.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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