Cassidy drops off another new album and this one sort of suffers from the same thing he usually suffers from: lack of good beats.  As far as the rhymes go, Cassidy is an expert. His bars are expertly crafted and flawlessly delivered. This has always been the case with him. He can do it all. He can give us street and gutter raps or he can give us deep and introspective and descriptive raps. The production on this project definitely suffers quite a bit. He needs better producers to work with. There’s just no way around it. There are some highlights on this project though. “Da 4 Elements” gives a good walkthrough about the history of rappers. The far and away best track on here is “Here We Go Again.” The beat has hard drums which Cass just absolutely annihilates. If you are a fan of bars and can get past some of the subpar beats on here, this is definitely something for Cassidy fans to check out.

OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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Cassidy gives us a new mixtape called Da Formula. On the mic, Cassidy is as dope as he ever has been. He is a master at bars and there is no debating that. He slays just about every rhyme on this project. The problem that exists here is the execution of the songs. The beats are decent for the most part, but with some of the songs, I think Cassidy was trying to create catchy, gimmicky hit songs. What he needs more on here is that gutter street music that people want. That is what makes an album. In other terms, I think he is swinging to knock it out of the park every time instead of just trying to get on base. As you listen through the project, your attention can seem to drift off at times because of the repetitiveness. Nevertheless, a highlight would be “I’m In My Bag Watch Me” featuring Beenie Man. It has a dope, sped-up, sung sample and the bars and flow are top notch. I think the streets want to hear more of that hardcore Cass next time so hopefully we will get that.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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Cassidy drops a new mixtape for the bar heads and this one is definitely chock full of bars. Cassidy is a top tier MC and can take out most other MCs, it’s no lie. You can’t really coach perfection. His rhymes are full of bravado and wit as he slays through the competition bar after bar. It’s what he’s always done and what he will always do. The part of this project that suffers is the production side of things. These really aren’t the best beats and I don’t think Cassidy fans will think they are either. We wanted more out of a project from him. It’s great when the lyrics are fantastic, but when there aren’t quality beats to stand behind them, it’s hard to rate it a quality project.

OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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Cassidy is back with a new project. There is absolutely no question that Cassidy is one of the best rappers of all time. He can do it all. He can battle. He can make club songs. He can make songs for the girls. He can make street bangers. He can make smart and introspective songs. There is absolutely no question about Cassidy’s abilities on the mic. Anyone that would say he is less than top tier deserves to get smacked. He shows off that skill on this new project. It starts out a bit slow but picks up as it goes on. I think the only thing that suffers on here is probably the production. There are a few songs that I would have left off. Other than that, it is a very decent effort. The highlights include “Let’s Get To This Chicken” and “He Pussy.” All in all, not a bad look here for Cassidy. I think there were a few songs that could use some work, but a decent job on this one.


OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


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Cassidy - Numbers


This mixtape is a massive release of absolutely unrelenting BARS. Cassidy delivers rhymes that are pretty much unmatched by most MCs out there. There really isn’t anyone that is messing with Cassidy on the lyrical tip. This massive 37 track release will keep you busy for quite a while. This release really could have been 3 separate mixtapes, but it just goes to show you how great Cassidy really is. I really and truly dare you to find a rapper than can out-rap Cassidy. Most times, it is not gonna happen. The get super critical of this release, the only downfalls I can find is the length of it. 37 tracks is a definite commitment for the listener. It takes about 2 hours to listen to this whole thing. So I probably would have cut it down considerably to make it easier to digest. Some of the tracks I could also do without, but not many. There are just some songs where I think Cassidy tries to get experimental and try new flows out that simply don’t work as well as others. It’s not a diss to Cassidy at all but more so trying to get him back in his lane. You take 10-15 tracks off of here and you have yourself a masterpiece. The hottest tracks on here include: “Barbarian,” “Uncomfortable,” “Yall Already,” “I Got You,” “Talk That Shit,” “Slam,” and “HipHopAintDead.” The beats and rhymes on all of these tracks are bananas. This project gives you everything. There are new songs, concept or theme songs, songs with just straight BARS, and¬†freestyles over other beats.¬†You really gotta check out this release. It is not one to be slept on at all.

OVERALL RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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