Him Lo teams up with Wino Willy to give us a slamming new Philly project just in time for the Eagles to go to war in the Super Bowl. A beast is the only way to describe Him Lo’s delivery with the rhymes. He relentlessly spits fly and forceful rhymes to crush the competition into dust. His fellow Buze Bruva Clever 1 provides two features on here as well and does the exact same thing that Him Lo. Does. The beats on here are hard just like the streets of Philly are. You will most definitely find yourself bobbing your head crazy throughout this whole project. Once again, Him Lo does his thing and blesses fans with another fantastic project. You definitely need to cop this one. 2 L’s Up!

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#himlo #clever1 #dabuzebruvaz #lolifes #lolife #polo #ralphlauren #rl #philadelphia #philly #illadelph #winowilly #winowilly_ #goddontfuckwitu


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