Troy Ave drops a new album that tries to sound better than previous releases. The part of this album that really sticks out more is the production. The beats on this album go a little harder than normal. He definitely tried to get some more boom bap style New York beats. This makes sense, because if he didn’t, why would he title the album as such? A strange move is putting the song “Classic Feel” on here which was on his 2013 album New York City. Is he acting like we haven’t heard that song before and we wouldn’t notice? Not really sure on that move. His rhymes on this new album aren’t really that good. He struggles with staying on beat so many times. The worst example of this is the song “Versace On A Monday.” This song is really cringe-worthy. I don’t know how anyone would think that is good. All in all, it’s not a great effort from Troy Ave lyrically, but the beats should take the listener through.

OVERALL RATING: 2.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#troyave #rolandcollins #dopeboytroy #nupac #bsb #bsbrecords #powder #newyorkcitythemovie #nycthemovie #nyctm


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