A surprise album from Drake and 21 Savage popped up and then was delayed a week, but finally reached fan’s ears. On the mic, it was kind of a mixed bag between the two rappers. Coming off of Honestly, Nevermind, Drake knew he had to return with some bars for fans and he did that at times on this project. It almost seems like a bit of a redemption for Drake since the last album was so bad. Adding 21 Savage on here might not have been the best move ever since 21 isn’t good at rapping. Sure, he as some shock value bars here and there, but when you really look at it, he’s hot garbage. Drake is just so good and so talented, and he has this tendency of working with artists that are beneath him. I don’t know if he thinks he has to stay relevant with a younger crowd or what, but he takes away from his artistry and talent when he works with people beneath him. There is only one feature on this album from Travis Scott. The beats on here are pretty decent overall. I think they seem to have went with more of a modern sound instead of Drake’s last dance album. The highlight of this project is Drake’s bars on “Middle Of The Ocean.” He rhymes over an old Diplomats beat which just sounds absolutely stunning. I always love when Drake gives us bars over classic beats. You really can’t beat him when he is at his best. “Jumbotron Shit Poppin” is another decent track that deserves a shoutout. All in all, this album sounds pretty good and we hope that Drake is back on an upswing.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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