Onyx drops a brand new album that has more of a worldly feel than previous albums. On this one, not only do they give you their hardcore, gritty, street lyrics from their members, but they also employ foreign MCs from around the world to assist them. The rhymes are just as hard as you would expect with Sticky Fingaz sticking out the most as usual. The features they have on here aren’t really listed in the track listing which is odd, but at the same time, not many Americans may be familiar with these international MCs. The beats on here knock, but they also have a worldly vibe to them as well. This might not be your most New York sounding Onyx album, but fans should appreciate Onyx’s efforts to reach out, differentiate their sound, and try to appeal to the masses while still staying true to their core fanbase.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#onyx #onyx_hq #fredrostarr #stickyfingaz #sonsee #queens #worldtakeover #wto

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