Black Thought and Danger Mouse team up to bring us a fantastic new project that is hip hop to its core. On the mic, Black Thought is brilliant. The Philly veteran is flawlessness in human form. His flow and his wordplay are absolutely stunning. He is a severely underrated MC and should be brought up in the conversations of one of the best of all time. You will see features from Raekwon, Run The Jewels, Joey Badass, ASAP Rocky, and more on here. The production by Danger Mouse is pretty dope overall. He gives us some above average beats that really personify what true hip hop beats should be. This is an album to nod your head to and to really digest all of what Black Thought is saying. If it’s not on your radar, put it right at the forefront.

OVERALL RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#blackthought #philly #philadelphia #illadelph #theroots #rootscrew #dangermouse #djdangermouse #cheatcodes


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