The magnificent Him Lo teams up with producer Giallo Point to form the Cognac Kingz again. This latest release is another slamming journey through their world. Him Lo provides fantastic bars that is the equivalent of hitting a speed bag over and over again. He’s clever, he’s consistent, and he is hip hop to the core. Giallo Point does a great job with the beats providing a sound that is almost reminiscent of Stoupe from Jedi Mind Tricks. Together, they seem to have cemented their spot in the game and continue to give us quality product over and over again. If you are a hip hop fan,  you need this album badly. 2 L’s all the way up!

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#himlo #dabuzebruvaz #lolifes #lolife #polo #ralphlauren #rl #philadelphia #philly #illadelph #giallopoint #cognackingz #cubanzandcognac #cac


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