Tom Gist teams up with Penz to give us a quick 5 track EP. We haven’t heard much from Tom Gist lately, but I can’t tell you how hyped we are to hear from him. He is incredibly underrated and wish he would put out more music on a wider scale that is easier to find. On the mic, Tom Gist is magic. When you stop and really listen to what he is saying, it’s easy to see how great and introspective he can really be. Penz is pretty dope as well, don’t get it twisted. Tom Gist is just next level though. The beats on this album are about average. I’d like to hear Tom Gist over some Heatmakerz type tracks but we will get anything we can at this point. 5 quick tracks for fans to appreciate here and we hope there is a lot more to come!

OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#tomgist #earlylight #diplomats #dipset #byrdgang #harlem #penz #lostsouls


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