Onyx drops a brand new album that is definitely 100% in their signature lane. The sound is grimy but also updated to sound current. It has a great sound but the length of the album is too short. By chopping songs down so short, it really takes away from the joy of listening to it. These songs that are under 3 minutes has got to go. If a beat is dope and you have great MCs like the members of Onyx on it, let that song run a bit longer. Anyway, Onyx sounds great on here. They have energy and go hard on every track. The bars are great and very appropriate for the sound. They keep the beats hardcore and grimy. There is a lot of boom bap for fans to revel in. This is the soundtrack for robbing someone right here. A great job done by Onyx but it could have been longer. It was almost over before it started.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#onyx #onyx_hq #fredrostarr #stickyfingaz #sonsee #queens #onyxvseverybody #ove

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