Action Bronson drops a brand new album and this one sounds like a soundtrack for going through a safari. Filled with animal noises and the like, it definitely sounds like he was going for some sort of concept album here. I gotta be honest, the weaker part of this album was the production side. Ever since the original Blue Chips series mixtapes, I wanted to hear that sound again. We need Bronson back on those beats. Something hard for the streets. Please give us something like that. These weirder sounding albums just aren’t cutting it as well. On the mic, Bronson is dope. His rhymes are definitely still sharp and he sounds great while rhyming. His confidence and descriptions are always great. You also get some features from Conway, Meyhem Lauren, Roc Marciano, and more. All in all, this wasn’t a terrible album, but it definitely needed some work on the production side of things.

OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#actionbronson #action_bronson #queens #cocodrilloturbo


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