Rock of the legendary group Heltah Skeltah drops a quick solo project with this one. His voice is as strong and as monstrous as ever. His bars are hard and punch your chestplate clean off. It really is infectious to hear him rhyme. Not only does he have dope raps, but he has the voice to deliver them as well. Ther are no features on this project at all. The beats on this project are fantastic. They are definitely above average and are reminiscent of that classic New York sound. It is refreshing to hear MCs rhyme like this over these types of beats in 2022. It breaks the monotony and gives us a fresh perspective. Keep the joints coming Rock! And also a huge rest in peace to Sean Price.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#rock #_rockness_ #rockness #rocknessmonsta #rocknessmonster #bigrock #bigroccbcc #seanprice #p #heltahskeltah #bcc #bootcampclik #duckdown #druha #monstanation #monstagang #monstamanrocko #chroniclesofthemosthigh #cotmh


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