Snoop Dogg drops a new album that seems to open up some territory in the metaverse. This new project has 11 songs for fans ready to go. He is fresh off the release of his BODR album and isn’t wasting a minute. This project has more of a laid back feeling to it. It is more geared toward the “grown and sexy” per the sound of it. Fans will probably still love this album though as it has almost more of an old school R&B vibe to it. Snoops bars are about what we would expect from him. Nothing really new to report on that side of the coin. The beats are decent and are definitely reminiscent of an old school R&B timeframe. All in all, this wasn’t a bad look for Snoop Dogg at all. He’s proven that he can do it all so why not this?

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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