Vado releases a long-awaited project and he definitely delivers on this one. He covers a lot of bases on here. Lyrically he definitely has his flow up and his bars are Harlem to the core. he is smooth as ever and quite the wordsmith. It’s no wonder that he gives us quite a sizeable project too weighing in at 18 tracks. It has been a while since we got a full length Vado project. The beats on here are a really good mix. You get some hard and gutter New York tracks. You get some radio and up-tempo tracks. You also get some slower and more somber songs. There really is something for everyone on here. There are definitely a few highlights on this album. “Respect The Jux” is a fantastic posse cut that features Lloyd Banks and Dave East. You can tell that all 3 of these rappers were meant to rap together. They definitely do their thing on a high level. “Heaven Up In Harlem” has the type of sound that Vado sounds best over. He flips that Jay-Z “This Can’t Be Life” sample and bodies the beat. “Blessed” features Dave East and Dre and is just another great example of how good Vado is. All in all, this is a solid project and Vado assures that the classic New York sound and lyrics aren’t going anywhere.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#vado #vado_mh #banksinatra #harlem #wethebest #longrunvol2 #longrun2 #longrun


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