The Goodie Mob veteran drops a quick 6 pack of songs for fans to snack on. One thing that is definitely for sure, Khujo still has the power in his voice that he had back in the 90s. He sounds just as fresh now as he did then. As far as his bars, they may not be the most complex ever, but they still give you that dirty South feeling as they did in the beginning. The beats on here are a bit of a mixed bag. You have some that sound like older songs, but then you also have some trap beats thrown in here. The trap beats sound particularly bad because it sounds like Khujo and other try to have an updated, newer sound that just doesn’t hit the mark. All in all, this was a decent project from Khujo Goodie. We’d really like to see more of that old classic Goodie Mob sound. Don’t try to sound like this newer class of rappers.

OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#khujo #khujogoodie #goodiemob #atlanta #atl #thekfilesvol1 #thekfiles1 #thekfiles


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