Canibus may have unlocked the key to a dope album after a lot of time! He seems to have selected a lot better collection of beats this go round. Body bag Ben assisted with a lot of the beats here and they definitely came out harder with more of that boom bap and hard drums. Canibus really shines over these types of beats. His rhymes are out of this world and he definitely takes it to a whole other level on the lyrical tip. He also gets assists from the late, great DMX, MF Doom, Born Sun, Kool Keith, and more. The highlight of this project is “Animal Husbandry” with its absolutely neck-breaking beat. Canibus really stepped into his proper lane a lot more with this album. This is the Canibus that the people want. Keep it rolling Bis!

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#canibus #darealcanibus #ripthejacker #kaiju


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