This project from Troy Ave seemed to get shorter and shorter as it went along. On the mic, Troy Ave is pretty basic with the rhymes. There really wasn’t anything that was rewind-worthy on here at all. You won’t hear anyone saying “Oh did you hear those new Troy Ave bars?” Nobody is saying that. At the same time, I have definitely heard a lot worse out there. The beats were decent. I think he has the right idea with the beats. It’s just that he doesn’t flesh the ideas out into real songs. Rapping for a minute over and over and over again isn’t really a talent. Anybody out there can do that. I think Troy Ave is capable of more, it’s just that he isn’t practicing it.

OVERALL RATING: 2 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#troyave #rolandcollins #dopeboytroy #nupac #bsb #bsbrecords #powder #godisgreatpaperstraight #gigps


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