Layzie Bone teams up with HC The Chemist to give us a pretty subpar project. As far as sounding like a classic Bone project, there may be a few reminiscent harmonies in there that vaguely sound like their old sound, but not many. Layzie sound decent but this HC The Chemist sounds terrible. I might be wrong because I am not close to the situation, but I thought there was a beef between Bone Thugs and The Migos. This HC The Chemist sounds exactly like the Migos. Why would an artist want to do a project with another artist that sounds exactly like someone they are beefing with? Just doesn’t sound like something rational to do. Anyway, the beats on here are definitely below average. There really is no replay value in this album at all. Skip right over this one and keep it moving.

OVERALL RATING: 0.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#layziebone #layzie #layziebtnh #bonethugsnharmony #bonethugs #btnh #cleveland #hcthechemist #eyezontheprize #eotp


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