Agallah comes back with another album that is pretty average overall. His bars are about what you would expect. There are a lot of flexes with bravado and street views from the BK veteran. There really aren’t too many moments where you want to hit the rewind button to hear bars back, but they work for what it is. The worst tracks are the ones where he sings. Those are just God awful. He’s really gotta cut that out. You’ll want to skip over “Flexing Through Vineyards” and “Black Royalty.” You’ll get some features from EPMD, Vinnie Paz, Kool Keith, Layzie Bone, and more. The production on here is pretty standard as well. There weren’t really any standout tracks, but nothing was really whack either. It definitely takes a long time to get through the whole album clocking in at 24 tracks. That probably could have been shaved down substantially. All in all, this was a pretty middle of the road album from Agallah.

OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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