Lloyd Banks is back with a brand new album that clocks in at a hefty 18 tracks. I’ll admit, it is great to hear Banks back on the mic again. His bars are expertly-crafted and are done surgically. He is often looked over when it comes to the great New York veterans which is a crime. He can come up with wordplay that is unlike any others out there and fills a verse to the brim with dope lines. He does that on every track on here. The beats on here are probably better on the first half of the project than they are on the second half, but nonetheless pretty dope overall. Thes highlight is probably the first song “Propane” in which the beat is slamming and Banks unleashes a barrage of bars for heads to consume. This was a good look for Banks and we are always glad to get some new music from the G-Unit veteran.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#lloydbanks #plk #gunit #g-unit #thecourseoftheinevitable #tcoti


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