Lil Flip and D-Rich The Crown Kid team up to give us this brand new project. On the mic, there really aren’t any stellar performances by either MC. Lil Flip is obviously the one with more experience, but it really doesn’t show too much on this project. I had never heard of D-Rich The Crown Kid before this and I don’t know if I will hear of him after this. The beats on here are below average throughout this album. The highlight of the project is “Oh, How It Hurts” which has a sped-up vocal sample laced in with the beat. This is the one saving grace on this album. All in all, this was a pretty sloppy performance all around. This is one you can definitely pass over.

OVERALL RATING: 1 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#lilflip #lilflip713 #trill #clovergang #cloverg #screwedupclick #suc #houston #drichthecrownkid #drich #40ozandlean #40oz&lean


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