Ali Vegas comes back with a new album that plays through extremely well. This is a very cohesive and smooth project. Ali Vegas just has a knack for making good songs and that is exactly what he did throughout this one. Effortlessly, he crafts his rhymes and they flow wonderfully track after track. It’s almost as if he wasn’t trying to shoot for the radio single, but somehow ended up with a bunch of songs that would make the radio cut. Just about every song gives you that feeling; that unexplainable feeling that the song just feels right and you can feel the song totally. The best example is the song “Superstar” featuring Kobe Honeycutt. In this one, Ali Vegas tells a story paying homage to his college girlfriend and her accomplishments and the beat is just fantastic. Ali Vegas does a tremendous job with this project and we definitely look forward to hearing more from him.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#alivegas #queens #alilujah


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