DMX’s insanely anticipated posthumous album Exodus finally hit fans playlists and it is a magnificent moment. First off, I’d have to say this is not a flawless album. It is, however, sprinkled with a lot of great and meaningful moments from the late great Dark Man X. He really and truly left us way too soon. He had some real demons in him and it was a shame to see him succumb to them. We all wish he had more time here, but we are thankful for the time that he was with us and all the great gifts he gave to us. Swizz Beatz did a great job curating, arranging, and promoting this album. He wastes no time and goes right into “That’s My Dog” featuring Swizz Beatz and the LOX. This is arguably the best song on the album with its hard beat and expert chorus. The LOX and DMX all rip their respective verses as well. From there, you go right into “Bath Salts” featuring Jay-Z and Nas. What better combination to have on a record and this is probably the one everyone was talking about. It’s a decent song, but surprisingly, I was a little let down by the Jay-Z verse. I thought it would have been better. “Skyscrapers” with Bono is another great song that has a good beat and really has its own vibe. “Hood Blues” featuring the MCs from Griselda is the second best song on the album. It almost marks the passing of the torch from DMX to the newer New York cats in the game. All of them rip their verses and it just sounds great over an interesting beat. “Letter To My Son” is arguably the deepest song on the record as you can tell by the name. You really get a sense of DMX the man on that song. And of course, they finish off the album with a Prayer song. There really wasn’t a more appropriate way to send off our beloved brother than this final work of his. We will definitely miss him and cherish this album and all of his albums for all of time.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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