Vinnie Paz returns hard with a brand new album that is chock full of bangers. You can really feel the energy and the effort throughout this project. On the mic, Vinnie is a beast and absolutely slaughters everything in his path. He rips through verses flawlessly and with the same vigor as he did in his 20’s. The production just keeps getting better and better as well. Vinnie has something for everyone on this venture. The lead single “Papi Wardrobe” is a great and catchy song that will be sure to have your head nodding and singing along with the hook. On “I’m Thinking Of Ending Things,” Vinnie opens up about a personal experience during a prior relationship in a rare glimpse of sensitivity. On “Angels With Dirty Faces” featuring Eamon, Vinnie pays homage to the Italian men that he has looked up to in his life. The highlight of this project is “Warhead” with Chino XL as both MC’s tear their way through a fantastic beat. All in all, there really aren’t too many missteps on this project. Vinnie is a genius and continues to show us that time and time again.

OVERALL RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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