Talib Kweli teams up with DITC veteran Diamond D to give us a New York centric album called Gotham. Talib Kweli is a fantastic veteran rapper than has done his things on the mic over the years. His lyrical ability is great and he demonstrates that on this latest offering. His flow is probably the stand out feature as he is able to effortlessly ride the beat with his verses. The legendary Diamond D handles the production side of things and creates a unique sound that stands out for Talib to rhyme over. Although I wouldn’t call this a classic by any means, it is a strong album and a unique combination of talent that many people might not have thought of. There aren’t any real stand out tracks on here, but at the same time, the songs are all strong and are rather cohesive which will give the listener a good experience. This is a dope hip hop offering that fans will definitely respect.

OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheeesesteaks

#talibkweli #talibkweligreene #blackstar #brooklyn #ditc #ditcstudios #diamondd #diggin #bronx #diggininthecrates #gotham


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