The lyrical expert Ty Farris teams up with producer Machacha to give us a dark view into Detroit nights with this latest offering. On the lyrical side of things, Ty Farris definitely knows how to craft some of the most intricate and skilled bars out there. There really aren’t many MCs messing with Ty Farris. This is how talented rappers rap. On the production side, Machacha gives us a darker, yet more melodic look at what nights in Detroit look like. This project definitely has a feeling to it and it is felt throughout the entire project. This is what work ethic sounds like when you are locked in the lab night after night just pumping out quality. The only thing that might need a little work (and this is being super nit-picky) would be the hooks. Sometimes they can get repetitive when they are just 4 bar offerings. I’d almost like to hear Ty supplying verses with a vocalist supplying the hook. I’d like to hear Ty really go after that radio track once to see what it would sound like. Because other than that, he has the streets on lock. Another great offering from Ty Farris.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#tyfarris #tyfarris1 #detroit #bobs #barsoverbullshit #machacha #darknightsanddfitteds #darknights&dfitteds


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