Milano Constantine and Showbiz combine forces to give us another hard-hitting DITC project for the streets. On the mic, Milano is pretty consistent. He is able to give us some hard bars with a decent flow. Showbiz really steals the show with his boom bap beats for the street. He really has a knack for creating the hardcore sound that real MCs can flow over. There are no other features on this album and even though it only has 8 tracks, it really does play through rather cohesively. If you like the first track, chances are you are really going to enjoy the whole thing. Strap in and go for a ride with some DITC vets.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#milano #milanoconstantine #milano7warriors #ditc #diggininthecrates #ditcstudios #diggin #bronx #showbiz #eatingbutstillhungry #ebsh


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