Benny drops his latest project The Plugs I Met 2, and this one has a bit of a different vibe to it. Musically, it has more of an ethereal feel to it. The beats are dope, but definitely sound otherworldly, or up in the heavens, if that makes sense. His bars are street and gutter as usual. He definitely keeps the plug talk going. There’s also a sense of desperation on this record which allows him to connect to many listeners. You will hear some decent features from Fat Joe, Jim Jones, Rick Hyde, and more. This is definitely another brick on the house that Griselda built and sounds really dope. This will be another record to bump while travelling state to state with those illegal substances in the trunk of the car.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#benny #bennybsf #bennythebutcher #griselda #gxfr #segang #bsf #blacksopranofamily #buffalo #theplugsimet2 #theplugsimet #tpim2


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