Currensy drops a new project that is pretty standard for him. On the mic, Currensy delivers his signature style with his slow Southern drawl while talking about luxuries. The odd thing is that on this go round, he seems to speed up his flow at times which is a lot different than normal. The beats on here might be a bit more up tempo than usual as well. He seems to have selected beats that complement each other on this one and seem pretty cohesive. All in all, this was another decent installment of the house that Currensy built.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#currensy #currensy_spitta #spitta #jetlife #spittaandretti #andretti #neworleans #billionairesboysclub #currensyspitta #currency #rapsnlowriders #collectionagency


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