Cassidy drops off another new album and this one sort of suffers from the same thing he usually suffers from: lack of good beats.  As far as the rhymes go, Cassidy is an expert. His bars are expertly crafted and flawlessly delivered. This has always been the case with him. He can do it all. He can give us street and gutter raps or he can give us deep and introspective and descriptive raps. The production on this project definitely suffers quite a bit. He needs better producers to work with. There’s just no way around it. There are some highlights on this project though. “Da 4 Elements” gives a good walkthrough about the history of rappers. The far and away best track on here is “Here We Go Again.” The beat has hard drums which Cass just absolutely annihilates. If you are a fan of bars and can get past some of the subpar beats on here, this is definitely something for Cassidy fans to check out.

OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#cassidy #cassidy_larsiny #larsiny #mrchicken #fullsurface #mayhem #mayhemmusic #goatgang #dawiseman


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