Bun B links up with LE$ to release a quick new project called Distant. On the mic, Bun sounds pretty decent. I wouldn’t say that this is his best work, but he does sound strong with his rhymes. LE$ is decent as well, but sounds an awful lot like Paul Wall with his delivery. The production on here is super laid back and that was probably its biggest downfall. We wanted to hear more of that banging Texas sound. Instead, this sounds like some early morning listening while on your way to work. Nonetheless, a good song with a good message is “Maintain.” The hook on there is very clever and it reminds us all to take a moment to ourselves. All in all, this project could have been better, but we always appreciate the work from Bun B.

OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#bunb #bun #bunbtrillog #ugk #undergroundkingz #pimpc #houston #portarthur #texas #les #le$ #steakxshrimp #distant


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