The Capo Jim Jones gives us the deluxe version of his El Capo album. This one boasts 15 new tracks added on which is basically a whole brand new album added onto the previous one. Jim does a great job at piecing together some new music with a theme to it. He enlists the help of singer Marc Scibilia for a lot of the tracks and honestly, the two of them have a knack for putting together some great and innovative new songs. I’m wondering if we will get a joint album out of them one day. There are some other notable features from Juelz Santana, Vado, Dave East, Maino, Nino Man, and the late Fred The Godson. The production on here is pretty decent. We even get an old school sounding Jim over a Heatmakerz track with “Gospel.” That is definitely one of the best highlights of this album. Overall, Jim Jones did a great job with this project and we definitely always look forward to new music from the Diplomat veteran.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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