I don’t know how he does it but Heaven Razah just seems to find some of the sickest beats out there. This time he teams up with Lexzyne productions to give us more of the Razah Rubies that we have all been fiending for. You already know that the bars are well-crafted. Heaven Razah spits that Wu-Tang type, spiritual, street flow. The beats on here are amazing. He really selected some greatness from Lexzyne productions. The highlights on here include “Original Languages,” Section 8″ featuring Sadat X, and “Birth Of A New Beginning.” These 3 beats are basically perfect and Heaven Razah shreds each one of them. The only thing I wanted to see was the length of the songs being longer and fewer skits on here. Give us a studio album of quality material like that and ladies and gentlemen, we have the makings of a classic on our hands. Heaven Razah outdoes himself yet again and gives us another quality product.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#heavenrazah #hellrazah #realhellrazah #razah_rubiez #ggopresident #ggo #hellrazahmusicinc #heavenrazahmusicin #risen #sunzofman #ghettogovt #melvinjunko #lexzyne #djflipcyide #theworldisnotenough #twine


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