Eminem drops another surprise album and this Side B is just as much fire as Side A if not more. Eminem is definitely one of the GOATS in the game and his wordplay is almost untouchable. He displays that fervently on this new project. He spits mind-twisting bar after bar in which you will have to rewind it back more than a few times to truly grasp what he is saying. He is basically a professor emeritus in this game. The beats on this album are dope as well. I think he stopped going for gimmick type beats and went with just pure heat. It was good to hear Dr. Dre producing some tracks on here as well. The far and away highlight of this entire album is “Alfred’s Theme.” Eminem is at his lyrical best while spitting over the sampled “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” theme song. Other highlights include the Dr. Dre produced “Guns Blazing” featuring Dre and Sly Pyper. The beat and the hook are amazing. “Discombobulated” is another fantastic Dre beat where Eminem rips it once again. This album is what we expect from Eminem and he definitely delivered at full power. I hope this trend continues because it is certainly legendary.

OVERALL RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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